fantasy / time travel

365: a year of defying fate

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and change your future, your decisions and choices – would you? 

365: A Year of Defying Fate explores this question through the lens of 10 different people who are given the chance to go back in time to exactly a year ago with some surprising and unexpected consequences.

Also Known As: 365: One Year Against Destiny, 365: Repeat The Year
Directed by: Kim Kyung-hee
Written by: Lee Seo-yoon, Lee Soo-kyung
Starring: Lee Joon-hyuk, Nam Ji-hyun, Yang Dong-geun, Kim Ji-soo
Extended Cast: Kim Ha-kyung, Lee Shi-ah, Ryu Tae-oh, Lee Sung-wook, Yoon Hye-ri, Ryeoun, Ahn Seung-gyun, Do Hee, Yoon Joo-sang, Im Ha-ryong, Jung Min-sung, Jun Suk-ho, Lee Yoo-mi
Original network: MBC
Original release: 3 March 2020