Action / Prison / Crime

Bad Guys

Detective Oh Gu-tak (Kim Sang-joong) enlists the services of four prisoners, Pak Un-Cheol (Ma Dong-seok), Lee Jung-moon (Park Hae-jin) and Jung Tae-soo (Jo Dong-hyuk), with different skills to help solve a cases and hunt down criminals in exchange for reduced prison sentences.

Also Known As: Bad Boys
Directed by: Kim Jung-min
Written by: Han Jung-hoon
Starring: Kim Sang-joong, Park Hae-jin, Ma Dong-seok, Jo Dong-hyuk, Kang Ye-won
Extended Cast: Kang Ye-won, Kang Shin-il, Min Ji-ah, Hwang Seung-eun, Park Jung-hak, Kim Tae-hoon, Ki Se-hyung, Kim Jae-eung, Kim Sung-hoon, Son Se-bin, Jeon Ji-seo, Seo Hye-jin, Nam Sung-jin, Park Jung-woo, Park Hyo-jun, Park Sung-taek, Nam Tae-boo, Kim Byung-choon, Lee Yong-nyeo, Jang Seon-ho, Kim Hye-yoon
Original network: Orion Cinema Network
Original release: 4 October 2014 –13 December 2014
No. of episodes: 11
Running Time: 60
Executive producer(s): Park Ho-shik
Production Company(s): Urban Works Media
Source: OCN []