melodrama / romance

Black Knight

Fate contrives to get in the way of two people – Lee Myung-so (Kim Rae-won) and Jung Hae-ra (Shin Se-kyung) that were destined to be together in a previous life. Black Knight moves seamlessly between the past and the present, outlining the tragedy that befell the two lovers, Moon So-ho and Boon-yi, and the factors in play that kept them apart.  When they meet up in the present day, some 200 years later, they face similar challenges, and need to work together to overcome them.

Directed by: Han Sang-woo
Written by: Kim In-yeong
Starring: Kim Rae-won, Shin Se-kyung, Seo Ji-hye, Chang Mi-hee
Extended Cast: Hwang Jung-min, Shin So-yul, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Byeong-ok, Kim Hyun-joon, Jung Jin, Han Ji-sun, Kim Gyeol, Cha Cheong-hwa, Kim Seol-jin, Yeom Dong-heon, Song Sam-dong, Jo Hyun-do, Lim Yong-sun, Lee Seung-hyung, Kim Jung-nam
Original network: KBS2
Original release: 6 December 2017 – 8 February 2018
No. of episodes: 20
Running Time: 60 mins
Executive producer(s): Jung Chang-hwan, Kang Byung-taek
Production Company(s): n.CH Entertainment
Distributor: KBS