Romantic Comedy

Good Job

Good Job  follows a chaebol in disguise as detective Eun Seon-woo and his sidekick Don Se-ra (Kwon  Yu-ri) who uses her special ability to see through almost anything to crack cases.


Directed by: Kang Min-gu, Kim Seong-jin
Written by: Kim Jeong-ae, Kwon Hee-kyung
Starring: Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yu-ri
Extended Cast: Eum Moon-suk, Song Sang-eun, Jo Young-jin, Yoon Sun-woo, Lee Jun-hyeok, Hong Woo-jin, Chae Rae-hyung, Shin Yeon-woo, Shin Go-eun, Min Chae-eun, Kim Jung-hwa
Original network: ENA
Original release: 24 August 2022
No. of episodes: 16
Production Company(s): Production H
Distributor: Seezn, ENA