drama / family

Once Again

Romantic comedy Once Again follows the chaotic life and times of the Song family.  

Parents Song Young Dal (Chun Ho-jin) and Jang Ok Boon (Cha Hwa-yun) struggle to understand their four adult children, who all have their own unique set of challenges. 

The eldest, action stuntman Joon-sun (Oh Dae-hwan) has recently divorced and has decided to move back home. 

He is soon joined by his younger sister, recently-divorced housewife Ga-hee (Oh Yoon-ah). 

Her mother’s pride and joy, paediatrician Na-hee (Lee Min-jung) is considering divorcing her husband and fellow doctor Yoon Gyu-jin (Lee Sang-yeob). 

While the youngest intern Da-hee (Lee Cho-hee) is thinking about getting married to her boyfriend Yoon Jae-seok (Lee Sang-yi).  

Also Known As: Once Again, I Went There Once, I’ve Returned After One Marriage
Directed by: Lee Jae-sang
Written by: Yang Hee-seung
Starring: Chun Ho-jin, Cha Hwa-yun, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Min-jung, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob, Lee Chang-wook, Kang Tae-sung, Shin Hye-sun
Original release: 28 March 2020
No. of episodes: 100