Kiss Sixth Sense

Kiss Sixth Sense follows Ye-sool and her special ability to see an event from sometime in the future when she locks lips with someone.  She works at an advertising company for tyrannical boss Min-hu (Yoon Kye-sang) who she despises. A slight mishap at work leads their lips to touch briefly and when they do Ye-soon sees them in bed naked together. 


Based on the web novel of the same name by Gatnyeo.


Directed by: Nam Ki-hoon
Written by: Gatnyeo (web novel), Jeon Yoo-ri
Starring: Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye
Extended Cast: Kim Ji-suk, Lee Joo-yeon, Tae In-ho, Hwang Bo-ra, Kim Ga-eun
Original network: Disney+
Original release: May 2022
No. of episodes: 16