Romantic Comedy

Love That Will Freeze To Death

Love Is For Suckers  follows best friends entertainment production director Lee Da-hee (Goo Yeo-reum) and plastic surgeon Choi Si-won (Park Jae-hoon) who unexpectedly meet up on a dating show and develop feelings for each other.


Directed by: Choi Gyu-sik
Written by: Kim Sol-ji
Starring: Lee Da-hee, Choi Si-won
Extended Cast: Cho Soo-hyang, Park Yeon-woo, Im Ha-ryong, Yang Hee-kyung, Min Jin-woong, Noh Sussanna, Lee Dae-hwi
Original network: ENA
Original release: 5 October 2022
Executive producer(s): Kim Hyeon-jung
Producer(s): Bae Seon-hae, Yoo Cheol-yong, Jo Han-sook
Production Company(s): Story TV
Distributor: ENA