Romantic Comedy

Monthly Magazine Home

Monthly Magazine Home follows the rocky relationship between lifestyle magazine editor Na Young-won (Jung So-min) and property investor turned CEO Yu Ja-seong (Kim Ji-seok) who have differing opinions on just about everything.

Directed by: Lee Chang-min
Written by: Myeong Soo-hyeon
Starring: Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok, Jung Gun-woo, Kim Won-hae
Extended Cast: Chae Jung-an, Ahn Chang-hwan, Yoo Ji-on, Lee Hwa-kyum, Ahn Hyun-ho, Jeong Seung-gil
Original network: JTBC
Original release: 16 June 2021
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Production Company(s): JTBC Studios
Distributor: JTBC
Source: JTBC