My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment

The second season of My Lawyer, Mr. Jo sees Jo Deul-ho facing a number of challenges – from his license being revoked to his wife and daughter moving overseas.  He makes the decision to pack it all in, but continues to be plagued by trouble wherever he turns.  

Based on the webcomic, Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho by Hatzling (Kim Yang-soo).

Also Known As: My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2
Directed by: Han Sang-woo
Written by: Choi Wan-gyu
Starring: Park Shin-yang, Go Hyun-jung
Extended Cast: Lee Min-ji, Joo Jin-mo, Seo Yi-sook, Jun Bae-soo, Byun Hee-bong, Son Byung-ho, Kim Bup-rae, Jung Hee-tae, Choi Seung-kyung, Jo Dal-hwan, ee Mi-do, yoon Joo-man, Kwon Hyuk, Jang Ha-ran, Jung Joon-won, Hong Kyung, Moon Soo-bin
Original network: KBS2
Original release: 7 January 2019 – 26 March 2019
No. of episodes: 40
Running Time: 35 minutes
Production Company(s): NK Mulsan Co. Ltd., Studio Invictus, UFO Production
Distributor: Korean Broadcasting System