fantasy / romance / time travel

Nine Times Time Travel

When news anchor Park Sun-woo (Lee Jin-wook) discovers nine mythical incense sticks that have the ability to send him back in time, he spots an opportunity to change his misfortune and save his family.  However, he soon discovers that every change he makes often leads to an unintended consequence. 

Also Known As: 9 Nine: Time Traveling Nine Times
Directed by: Kim Byung-soo
Written by: Song Jae-jung, Kim Yoon-joo
Starring: Lee Jin-wook, Jo Yoon-hee
Extended Cast: Jeon No-min, Kim Hee-ryung, Jung Dong-hwan, Lee Eung-kyung, Um Hyo-sup, Lee Seung-joon, Yeon Je-wook, Oh Min-suk, Greena Park, Yoo Se-rye, Lee Jun-hyeok, Lee Shi-woo, Jin Ye-sol, Seo Dong-won, Kim Won-hae, Lee Han-wi, Park Won-sang, Park Hyung-sik, Jo Min-ah, Seo Woo-jin, Park Moon-ah, Kim Hee-ryung, Jeon Guk-hwan, Jung Dong-hwan, Um Hyo-sup, Lee Yi-kyung, Na Hae-ryung, Ga Deuk-hee, Kim Won-hae
Original network: tvN
Original release: 11 March 2013 – 14 May 2013 
No. of episodes: 20
Executive producer(s): Kim Young-gyu, Lee Jin-suk, Choi Young-gun
Production Company(s): JS Pictures, Chorokbaem Media