Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Set against the backdrop of the Joseon era, popular acupuncturist Yoo Se Poong (Kim Min-jae) uses his unique blend of skills and treatment to help his patients through their difficulties. One of his patients, Seo Eun-woo (Kim Hyang-gi) escapes from her terrible circumstances to become a psychiatrist. 


Also Known As: Joseon Psychiatrist
Directed by: Park Won-guk
Written by: Park Seul-gi, Choi Min-ho, Lee Bom
Starring: Kim Min-jae, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Sang-kyung
Extended Cast: Ahn Chang-hwan, Yoo Sung-joo, Jung Won-chang, Lee Seo-hwan, Jeon Guk-hyang, Yeon-Bora, Kim Su-an, Han Chang-min, Oh Kyung-joo
Original network: tvN
Original release: August 2022
No. of episodes: 12
Running Time: 60 minutes
Production Company(s): Media Can, Ilchawoljang Films
Distributor: tvN