Interior designer Kim In-young (Shin Da-eun) embarks on a quest to reverse her misfortune, starting with revenge on those responsible.

Also Known As: Backflow, Flow Back
Directed by: Bae Han-cheol, Kim Mi-sook
Written by: Kim Ji-yeon, Seo Shin-hye
Starring: Shin Da-eun, Lee Jae-hwang, Kim Hae-in, Seo Do-young
Extended Cast: Lee Eung-kyung, Ji Eun-sung, So Hee-jung, Jung Sung-mo, Jung Ae-ri, Nam Myung-ryul, Lee Hyun-gul, Lim Do-yoon
Original network: MBC TV
Original release: 13 November 2017 – 26 April 2018
No. of episodes: 119[a]
Running Time: 35 minutes
Production Company(s): MBC C&I
Distributor: MBC
Source: MBC