Romantic Comedy

Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich man, Poor Woman offers a glimpse into the cut-throat world of start-ups. Lee Yoo-chan (Suho) is the CEO and co-founder of a thriving tech start-up Next In, but has an inability to recognise faces, face blindness (prosopagnosia). When Kim Bo Ra (Ha Yeon-soo) is recruited for her photographic memory, she forms an alliance with the CEO and slowly begins to break down the barriers around the guarded CEO.

Also Known As: Rich Man, Poor Woman
Directed by: Min Doo-sik
Written by: Hwang Jo-yoon, Park Jung-ye
Starring: Kim Jun-myeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Oh Chang-sukKim Ye-won
Extended Cast: Jung Yo-han, Park Sung-hoon, Lee Jae-jin, Kim Ian, Gong Seo-young, Kim Min-ji, Park Hyun-woo, Yun Da-yeong, Kim Jung-pal, Hwang Young-hee, Sung Byung-suk, Park Won-suk, Choi Ji-na
Original network: MBN, Dramax
Original release: 9 May 2018 – 28 June 2018
No. of episodes: 16 (+ 1 special)
Running Time: 60 mins
Executive producer(s): Hwang Hyuk, Jeon Yong-joo, Lee Gun-young
Producer(s): Kim Bong-joo
Production Company(s): iHQ
Distributor: MBN, Dramax