Medical / melodrama

Risky Romance

Endocrinologist Joo In-ah (Lee Si-young) takes neurosurgeon Han Seung-joo (Ji Hyun-woo) under her wing to help him deal with the death of his close friend.

Directed by: Lee Chang-han
Written by: Kim Nam-hee, Heo Seung-min
Starring: Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Si-young, Kim Jin-yeop, Yoon Joo-hee
Extended Cast: Sunwoo Sun, Jang Se-hyun, Choi Ryung, Bae Seul-ki, Shin Won-ho, In A, Jeon No-min, Choi Sung-min, Son Jong-bum
Original network: MBC TV
Original release: 23 July 2018 – 17 September 2018
No. of episodes: 32
Running Time: 35 minutes
Executive producer(s): Jung Tae-sang, Lim Sung-gyun
Production Company(s): JH Media, SAYON Media
Distributor: MBC
Source: MBC