Secret Royal Inspector

Set in the Joseon era, Secret Royal Inspector follows wayward scholar Sung Yi-gyeom (Kim Myung-soo, L) who is caught gambling and is sent on a special mission to uncover illegal acts and expose corruption as payment for his crime.  There he meets inspector Hong Da-in (Kwon Nara) and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) and the trio form a team.

Also Known As: Blade of The Phantom Master, Joseon Secret Investigation Team
Directed by: Kim Jung-min
Starring: Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Tae-hwan, Lee Yi-kyung
Extended Cast: Ahn Nae-sang, Jo Soo-min, Choi Jong-won, Son Byung-ho, Chae Dong-hyun, Park Joo-hyung, Kim Ju-young, Han Jae-seok, Shin Ji-hoon, Jong Ho, Kim Yeong-cheol, Kim Kyung-sook, Uhm Hyo-sub, Lee Min-woo
Original network: KBS2
Original release: 7 December 2020
No. of episodes: 16
Source: KBS