Shining Romance

Shining Romance is anything but its name suggests, detailing the extreme lengths some go to in order to achieve their aim of disrupting the happiness of others.

Directed by: Shin Hyung-chan, Jung Ji-in
Written by: Seo Hyun-joo
Starring: Lee Jin, Park Yoon-jae, Jo An
Extended Cast: Heo Jung-eun, Lee Hwi-hyang, Hong Yo-seob, Jeon Yang-ja, Kyeon Mi-ri, Jung Han-yong, Yoo Min-kyu, Kwak Ji-min, Lee Mi-sook, Kim Soo-yeon, Yoon Mi-ra, Yoon Hee-seok, Ji Soo-yeon, Lee Kye-in, Nam Kyung-eup, Kim Hak-rae
Original network: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release: 23 December 2013 – 20 June 2014
No. of episodes: 122
Running Time: 40 minutes
Executive producer(s): Kim Kyung-hee
Production Company(s): Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Source: MBC