Melodrama, crime

Show Window Queen's House

Show Window Queen’s House depicts the friendship between two women – Han Sun-joo (Song Yoon-ah) and Yoon Mi-ra (Jeon So-min) and its slow and deliberate deterioration when Sun-joo discovers that she’s been defending and supporting her friend who has been having an affair with her husband. 

Directed by: Kang Sol, Park Dae-hee
Written by: Han Bo-kyung, Park Hye-young
Starring: Song Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, Jeon So-min, Hwang Chan-sung
Extended Cast: Oh Seung-eun, Kim Jung-tae, Moon Hee-kyung, Lee Sun-jin, Kim Seung-soo, Moon Seo-yeon, Kim Young-jun, Jeong Jung-ah, Kim Hye-in, Park Sang-hoon
Original network: Channel A
Original release: 29 November 2021
Executive producer(s): Park Jong-eun
Producer(s): Ko Dae-hwa
Production Company(s): Kortop Media
Distributor: Channel A
Source: Channel A