romantic comedy

Sweet Revenge

Ho Go-hee (Kim Hyang-gi) has a reputation of being a pushover at her school, but all of that changes when she discovers an app on her phone that takes revenge on any name she happens to insert into it.

Also Known As: Revenge Note
Directed by: Seo Won-tae
Written by: Han Sang-im, Kim Jong-seon, Kim Hwan-hee, Cha Eun-woo
Starring: Kim Hyang-gi, Park Solomon
Extended Cast: Park Mi-sun, Lee Doo-il, Ji Gun-woo, Park Kyung-lim, Ham Sung-min, Jo Ah-young, Lee Jini, Kim Hyun-seo, Lee Eun-saem, Eun Hae-sung, Oh Yoo-jin, Tae In-ho, Hwang Tae-kwang, Kim San-ho, Jung Eun-sung, Astro
Original network: Oksusu, BTV
Original release: 27 October 2017 – 5 January 2018
No. of episodes: 12
Running Time: 10-24 minutes
Executive producer(s): Lee Jae-moon
Production Company(s): Blue Panda, Hidden Sequence
Distributor: Oksusu