Action / Melodrama / Politics

Sweet, savage family

Mob boss Yoon Tae-soo (Jung Joon-ho) decides to go legit after keeping the nature of his business a secret from his family for years, but is soon challenged by his long-time rival Baek Ki Beom (Jung Woong-in).

Also Known As: My Sweet and Sour Family, Sweet, Scary Family, Sweet Mob Family
Directed by: Kang Dae-sun
Written by: Son Geun-joo, Kim Ji-eun
Starring: Jung Joon-ho, Moon Jung-hee, Jung Woong-in, Yoo Sun, Kim Eung-soo, Lee Minhyuk, Bang Minah
Extended Cast: Ji Soo-won, Jo Dal-hwan, Kim Kwon, Oh Mi-yeon, Son Ga-young, Choi Min-chul, Kim Shin, Kim Won-hae, Kim Dae-ryung, Ga Deuk-hee, Jo Ji-hwan, Park Hee-jin, Seo Hyun-chul, Kim Byung-choon, Kim Byong-ok
Original network: MBC
Original release: 18 November 2015 –14 January 2016
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 70 minutes
Executive producer(s): Jung Jae-hee, Jung Tae-won
Producer(s): Namkoong Sung-woo
Production Company(s): Taewon Entertainment
Distributor: MBC
Source: MBC