Fantasy / Horror / Crime / Mystery

The Ghost Detective

The Ghost Detective follows Lee Da-ii (Choi Daniel) and friend Han Sang-seop (Kim Won-hae) as they start a private investigation agency.  Their first case involves a missing child.  They start investigating and realise that the case is much more complicated than they originally anticipated.

They decide to seek additional hands in the practice and hire Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin).  Behind Yeo-wool’s smile lies a hidden tragedy – the murder of her sister, instigated by the mysterious and frightening spirit of a woman in a red dress.  As they delve deeper into the case, the woman known as Sunwoo Hye (Lee Ji-ah) becomes more prominent, appearing in unsolved murder cases with an increasing frequency.  

Directed by: Lee Jae-hoon
Written by: Han Ji-wan
Starring: Choi Daniel, Park Eun-bin, Lee Ji-ah
Extended Cast: Kim Won-hae, Lee Jae-kyun, Lee Joo-young, Shin Jae-ha, Chae Ji-an, Park Joo-hee, Yoo Su-bin, Hyun Bong-sik, Kim Min-sang, Mi Ram
Original network: KBS2
Original release: 5 September 2018 –31 October 2018
No. of episodes: 32
Running Time: 35 minutes
Executive producer(s): Jung Ah-reum, Kim Seong-gon, Lee Gun-joon
Producer(s): Yoon Jae-hyuk
Production Company(s): Beyond J, NK Mulsan Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Korean Broadcasting System
Source: KBS