The King of Pigs

Psychological thriller The King of Pigs begins with a shocking murder and a message for the detective to remember what happened 20 years ago while they were students in middle school. The drama shifts between the past and present and slowly unravels a painful backstory that is in equal parts cruel and torturous. A second murder within days of the first, turns the case into a race against time for detective Jung Jong-seok (Kim Sung-kyu) and detective Kang Jin-ah (Chae Jung-an) to stop Hwang Kyung-min (Kim Dong-wook) from exacting his revenge on everyone else responsible.

Based on The King of Pigs by Yeon Sang-ho.


Directed by: Kim Dae-jin
Written by: Tak Jae-young
Starring: Kim Dong-wook, Kim Sung-kyu, Chae Jung-an
Extended Cast: Han Soo-yeon, Lee Ji-ha, Hwang Man0ik, Jung Eui-jae, Oh Min-suk, Ji Chan, Park Jin, Kim Min-sik, Yang So-min, Lee Tae-gum, Kim Min-seok
Original network: TVING
Original release: March 2022
No. of episodes: 12
Producer(s): Jang Jung-do, Kim Kyung-kyu
Production Company(s): Studio Dragon, Hidden Sequence
Distributor: TVING