The Merchant: Gaekju 2015

Based on the popular novel Gaekju by Kim Joo-young, this drama, set in the Joseon era, follows a struggling innkeeper Chun Bong-sam (Jang Hyuk) and his struggles against adversity to become regarded as one of the most powerful merchants of his time.

Also Known As: The God of Trade: Gaekju 2015, The God of Commerce: Gaekju 2015, Master of Trade: The Inn 2015
Directed by: Kim Jong-sun
Written by: Jung Sung-hee, Lee Han-ho
Starring: Jang Hyuk, Yu Oh-seong, Kim Min-jung, Han Chae-ah, Park Eun-hye, Lee Deok-hwa
Extended Cast: Kim Il-woo, Kim Kyu-chul, Kim Hak-chul, Jung Tae-woo, Ryu Dam, Yang Jung-a, Song Young-jae, Moon Ga-young
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 23 September 2015 –18 February 2016
No. of episodes: 41
Production Company(s): S.M. Culture & Contents
Source: KBS