Romance / Drama

The Snow Queen

Following the tragic death of his best friend, Kim Jung-kyu, Han Tae-woong (Hyun Bin) drops out of school and leaves everything near and dear to him.  Struggling to cope with the loss, he decides to take up boxing in honour of his friend and live a life of obscurity. 

A series of events leads him to become the chauffeur to a wealthy, cold and distant woman Bo-ra (Sung Yu-ri).  They soon discover they share an experience from the past that helps to bring them closer together.

Directed by: Lee Hyung-min
Written by: Kim Eun-hee, Yoon Eun-kyung
Starring: Hyun Bin, Sung Yu-ri
Extended Cast: Ko Joo-yeon, Im Joo-hwan, Yoo In-young, Go Doo-shim, ang Jung-hee, Chun Ho-jin, Oh Mi-hee, Kim Eung-soo, Lee Cheol-min, Kim Tae-hyun, Jung Hwa-young, Lee Seon-ho, Kim Hak-jin, Park Jin-young, Choi Deok-moon, Kim Jung-geun, Ryu Jae-seung, Kim Beol-rae, Choi Yeo-jin, Kim Yeo-jin
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 13 November 2006 – 8 January 2007
No. of episodes: 16
Producer(s): Ki Min-soo
Production Company(s): Yoon's Color
Source: KBS