Medical / Romance

The Third Hospital

Two doctors and brothers (one a neurosurgeon, the other an oriental medicine specialist) with opposing philosophies battle it out at a hospital where they use their expertise to save lives.   

Also Known As: The 3rd Hospital, Third Ward
Directed by: Kim Young-jun Kim Sol-mae
Written by: Seong Jin-min
Starring: Kim Seung-woo, Oh Ji-ho, Kim Min-jung, Choi Soo-young
Extended Cast: Choi Yoon-so, Park Geun-hyung, Im Ha-ryong, Im Hyung-joon, Yoo Tae-woong, Kim Jong-goo, Lee Tae-kyum, Nam Moon-chul, Lee Jung-hun, Do Ye-sung, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Soo-jin, So Hee-jung, Park Dae-kyu
Original network: tvN
Original release: 5 September 2012 – 8 November 2012
No. of episodes: 20
Production Company(s): Taewon Entertainment
Source: tvN