Fantasy / Romance

The Universe's Star

The Universe’s Star (White) is part of the Three Colour Fantasy drama trilogy that depicts a moving love story between talented singer-songwriter Woo-joo (Kim Jun-Myeon) and Byul (Ji Woo), a student-turned-Grim-Reaper.

Also Known As: Star of the Universe, Three Colour fantasy – The Universe's Star (White)
Directed by: Kim Ji-hyun
Written by: Kim Ji-hyun
Starring: Kim Jun-myeon, Ji Woo
Extended Cast: Shin Hyun-soo, Na Hae-ryung, Yoon Jin-sol, Go Gyu-pil, Lee Si-eon, Lee Ji-hoon, Joo Jin-mo, Lee Dae-yeon, Lady Jane
Original network: MBC, Naver TV Cast
Original release: 23 January 2017 – 10 February 2017
No. of episodes: 6 (MBC), 21 (Naver TV Cast)
Running Time: 30 minutes (MBC), 10 minutes (Naver TV Cast)
Executive producer(s): Kim Tae-wook
Distributor: MBC, Naver
Source: Official site