thriller / mystery / suspense

The Village: Achiara's Secret

The grisly discovery of a corpse in a quiet village leads new teacher Han Soo-yoo (Moon Geun-young) who made the find to team up with rookie police officer Park Woo-jae (Yook Sung-jae) to solve the crime.

Directed by: Lee Yong-suk
Written by: Do Hyun-jung
Starring: Moon Geun-young, Yook Sung-jae, Shin Eun-kyung, On Joo-wan, Jang Hee-jin
Extended Cast: Park Eun-kyung, Lee Yeol-eum, Kim Min-jae, Jang So-yeon, Ahn Seo-hyun, Jung Sung-mo, Woo Hyun-joo, Choi Won-ong, Choi Jae-woong, Ryu Tae-ho, Kim Yong-rim, Jung Soo-young, Kim Sun-hwa, Moon Ji-in, Jo Han-chul, Jung Ae-ri
Original network: SBS
Original release: 7 October 2015 – 3 December 2015
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 65 minutes
Production Company(s): The Story Works, RaemongRaein Co. Ltd.
Distributor: SBS
Source: SBS