The Virtual Bride

In a bid to improve her image and increase her popularity, struggling idol Oh In-young (Kim Dasom) appears on a reality television program that shows the relationship between mothers, their sons and daughters-in-law.  But in a twist of fate, she ends up being the daughter-in-law to a mother-in-law she can’t stand. 

Also Known As: The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law
Directed by: Lee Duk-gun, Park Man-young
Written by: Moon Sun-hee, Yoo Nam-kyung
Starring: Kim Dasom, Go Doo-shim, Ryu Soo-young
Extended Cast: Kwak Hee-sung, Kim Yoon-seo, Kim Seong-hwan, Park Woong, Baek Ok-dam, Kim Bo-yeon, Ki Tae-young, Son Eun-seo, Lee Moon-hee, Lee Seung-woo, Kyung Joon, Lee Yong-joo, Jung Da-sol
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 17 August 2015 – 22 September 2015
No. of episodes: 12
Running Time: 70 minutes
Production Company(s): Raemongraein Co. Ltd.
Source: KBS