Fantasy / romance

Three Colour Fantasy

Three Colour Fantasy is a three-colour drama trilogy – The Universe’s Star (White) detailing the love story between a singer-songwriter and student-turned-Grim Reaper, Romance Full of Life (Green) detailing the life of an introverted guy who, while preparing for the police exam, decides to participate in a life-changing experiment that turns him into a superhero, and Queen of the Ring (Gold), about a woman whose fortune changes completely with the discovery of a magical ring.

Directed by: Kim Ji-hyun (The Universe's Star), Park Sang-hoon (Romance Full of Life), Kwon Sung-chang (Queen of the Ring)
Written by: Kim Ji-hyun (The Universe's Star), Park Eun-young, Park Hee-kwon (Romance Full of Life), Kim Ah-jung (Queen of the Ring)
Starring: Kim Jun-myeon, Ji Woo (The Universe's Star)Yoon Shi-yoon, Cho Soo-hyang (Romance Full of Life), Kim Seul-gi, Ahn Hyo-seop (Queen of the Ring)
Original network: MBC, Naver TV Cast
Original release: 26 January 2017 – 23 March 2017
No. of episodes: 18
Executive producer(s): Park Sung-eun, Kim Tae-wook
Production Company(s): MBC, Naver
Distributor: MBC, Naver
Source: Official site