Melodrama / family

Two Wives

Two Wives, part of the Wife Trilogy (Temptation of Wife, Wife Returns) follows Kang Chul-soo (Kim Ho-jin) who has an affair with Han Ji-sook (Son Tae-young) and divorces his wife Yoon Young-hee (Kim Ji-young).  Following an accident, Chul-soo loses his memories – including all memories of Ji-sook and thinks that Young-hee is still his wife, and everyone agrees to go with it until he fully recovers.

Directed by: Yoon Ryu-hae
Written by: Lee Yoo-seon
Starring: Kim Ji-young, Son Tae-young, Kim Ho-jin, Kang Ji-sub
Extended Cast: Andy Lee, Jeon Moo-song, Jo Yang-ja, Kim Yoon-kyung, Kim Young-rim, Kang Sung-jin, Kim Young-ran, Uhm Min-woo, Kim Su-jung, Lee Yoo-jin, Choi Won-young, Go Jung-min, Yoon Ji-min, Kim Hye-ok, Kim Na-young, Jung Tae-won, Seol Ji-yoon, Jang Joon-ho, Kang Soo-han, Jung Ji-ah, Jung Chi-in, Min Ah-ryung, Jeon Sung-hwan, Yang Hee-kyung
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 4 May 2009 –30 October 2009
No. of episodes: 120
Running Time: 30 minutes
Production Company(s): JerryBoys Contents (formerly Bloom Entertainment), Saram&Saram Ltd.
Source: Official site