Fantasy / Thriller / Legal

Vampire Prosecutor 2

In the much-anticipated second season of Vampire Prosecutor Min Tae-yeon (Yun Jung-hoon) works with fellow prosecutor Yoo Jeong-In (Lee Young-ah) and detective Hwang Soon-beom (Lee Won-jong) on his quest to bring people to justice using his ability that enables him to withdraw the final memories of people who have recently died by sampling their blood.

Directed by: Yoo Seon-dong
Written by: Han Jung-hoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Kang Eun-sun
Starring: Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Won-jong, Lee Young-ah, Lee Kyung-young
Extended Cast: Kim Joo-young, Kwon Hyun-sang, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Song Ji-hyun, Gong Jung-hwan, Seo Soo-min, Lee Ah-jin, Kim Ji-young, Kim Moon-ho, Jeon Hee-soo, Hong Suk-chun, Min Woo-hyuk, Park Young-jin, Im Chul-hyung, Lee Ji-yeon, Lee Yong-nyeo, Han Seol-ah, Kim Dong-hyeon, Han Ji-hyun, Jung Ji-soon, Lee Ji-oh, Im Seo-yeon, Yoo Hyeong-kwan, Yoo Seo-hyun, Kim Hyun-sook, Shin Yi-young, Yeo Hyun-soo, Shin Ha-yeon, Kim Do-young, Pyo Jin-gi, Oh Hee-joon, Byun Yo-han, Kim Hee-chang, Ri Woo-jin
Original network: OCN
Original release: 9 September 2012 - 18 November 2012
No. of episodes: 11
Running Time: 60 minutes
Producer(s): Lee Seung-hoon
Production Company(s): CMG Chorok Stars