Melodrama / Mystery

While You Were Sleeping (2011)

Following the birth of her child, Oh Shin-young (So Yu-jin) lapses into a coma, caused by the chief obstetrician Ko Hyun-sung (Oh Yoon-ah), who although married, harbours secret feelings for Shin-young’s husband.  As the story unfolds so too do the lies, deceit and betrayal as two couples struggle to regain what they have lost.

Directed by: Park Kyung-ryul
Written by: Ma Joo-hee
Starring: Lee Chang-hoon, Choi Won-young, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Young-eun
Extended Cast: Jung Dong-hwan, Park Joon-geum. Baek Min-hyun, Kim Jin-woo, Kim Ha-kyun, Lee Sung-yeol, Kim Hak-chul, Ahn Hae-sook, Kang Ye-sol, Lee Duk-hee, Ahn Ji-hyun, Min Joon-hyun, Lee Bum-hak, Park Woo-chun
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 16 May 2011 – 9 November 2011
No. of episodes: 120
Executive producer(s): Kim Jung-min
Production Company(s): Story TV, JerryBoys Contents (formerly Bloom Entertainment)