Mystery / Suspense

Wife Returns

Wife Returns, part of the Wife Trilogy (Temptation of Wife, Two Wives) follows the lives of two sisters, Jung Yoo-hee (Kang Sung-yeon) and Yoo-kyung, who were both in an orphanage together until one (Yoo-kyung) was adopted and sent to America to undergo heart surgery. 

Years later, Yoo-hee meets Yoon Sang-woo (Jo Min-ki) and, after a whirlwind romance, they decide to get married.  Soon after, Yoo-hee discovers she is pregnant and has a daughter, Da-eun (Jeon Min-so).  However, when she discovers Da-eun has a heart condition, she asks her mother-in-law for help, who agrees but only on one condition – she must leave Sang-woo and their child behind.  

Also Known As: Return of the Wife
Directed by: Lee Yong-seok
Written by: Lee Hye-sun
Starring: Kang Sung-yeon, Jo Min-ki, Yoon Se-ah, Park Jung-chul, Kim Mu-yeol
Extended Cast: Jeon Bo-young, Sunwoo Eun-sook, Kim Byung-ki, Lee Won-jae, Kwon Ki-sun, Seo Dong-won, Lee Sun-ah, Kim Won-suk, Tae Hwang
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 2 November 2009 –16 April 2010
No. of episodes: 116
Production Company(s): Golden Pine, Ace Company
Source: Official Site