Romantic comedy

You are the Best!

Following the sudden and tragic death of her father, Lee Soon-shin (IU) is left reeling, trying to simultaneously cope with her loss and find a job to support her family.

She eventually lands a job but is fired on the first day after accidentally tipping a plate of food all over president Shin Joo-hoo (Cho Jung-seok).  Misfortune continues to plague her at every turn when shortly afterwards she is conned out of all her money by a man posing as the president of an entertainment company.  Meanwhile, CEO launches an elaborate scheme to win his girlfriend back by signing her up with his Agency, but she decides that she will only do it if he can demonstrate his talent to turn anyone into a top star, and by anyone she means Soon-shin.

Also Known As: You're the Best! Lee Soon-shin is the Best You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin
Directed by: Yoon Sung-sik
Written by: Jung Yoo-kyung
Starring: IU, Jo Jung-suk, Go Doo-shim, Lee Mi-sook, Yoo In-na, Son Tae-young, Go Joo-won, Jung Woo
Extended Cast: Yoo In-na, Son Tae-young, Kim Yoon-seo, Go Joo-won, Jung Woo, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Kap-soo, Lee Eung-kyung, Bae Geu-rin, Yoon Da-hoon, Kim Yong-rim, Song Min-hyung, Kim Dong-joo, Lee Seul-bi, Kim Hwan-hee, Jung Dong-hwan, Kim Young-jae, Kim Kwang-kyu, Choi Gang-won
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 9 March 2013 – 25 August 2013
No. of episodes: 50
Executive producer(s): Bae Kyung-soo
Production Company(s): AStory
Source: KBS