Melodrama / romance

Your Lady

Lies, betrayal and conflict are the order of the day in this drama centred around a woman, Eun Soo (Lee Yoo-ri) who loses her memory in a car accident and becomes Yoo Yung, the wife of Jin Goo (Im Ho).

Also Known As: Your Woman
Directed by: Jung Hyo
Written by: Lee Do-young
Starring: Lee Yoo-ri, Park Yoon-jae, Im Ho, Park Young-rin, Lee Byung-wook
Extended Cast: Jung Han-young, Lee Mi-young, No Hyyn-hee, Yoon Mi-ra, Kim Min-chan, Jeon Hyeon-seok, Lee Jin-ah, Yoo Ha-joon, Kang Ji-woo, Kang Suk-jung, Jung Moon-seong, Lee Ji-hye, Kim Ha-yoo, Ham Ji-sung
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 18 February 2013 – 2 August 2013
No. of episodes: 120
Executive producer(s): Lee Hyun-jik