melodrama / suspense

A Man In A Veil

Man in a Veil follows Lee Tae Pung (Kang Eun-tak) as he tries desperately to put the pieces of his life back together following a tragic childhood accident.  He enlists the help of his closest friends, twin sisters Han Yoo-jung (Uhm Hyun-kyung) and Han Yoo Ra (Lee Chae-young) to help with his recovery, but soon discovers that one of them has an ulterior motive. 

Also Known As: Secret Man
Directed by: Shin Chang-seok
Written by: Lee Jeong-dae
Starring: Kang Eun-tak, Uhm Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, Lee Si-kang, Yang Mi-kyung, Lee Il-hwa
Extended Cast: Lee Jin-woo, Chae Bin, Gil Sang, Choi Jae-sung, Kim Eun-soo, Jang Tae-hun, Hong Il-kwon, Kim Hee-jung, Kim Yoon-kyung, Lee Jung-young, Choi Wan-jung, Seo Kwang-jae, Kim Gwang-in, Kim Hyeon-ah, Yoon Yeo-hak, Hwang Joo-ho, Seo Jin-wook, Kim Min-che, Woo Seong-hyeon, Kim Da-in, Hong Suk-chun, Yoon Da-young, Park Hyeon-jeong, Eru. Kim Hyun-sook, Lee Min-ji, Kim Ye-ryung
Original network: KBS
Original release: 7 September 2020
No. of episodes: 100
Source: KBS