Romance / suspense

The Spies Who Loved Me

Romantic espionage comedy The Spies Who Loved Me follows the relationship between wedding dress designer Kang A-reum (Yoo In-na) and her new husband, diplomat Derek Hyun (Lim Ju-hwan), and her ex-husband, travel writer Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) who both keep their secret double lives under wraps.

Also Known As:The Spy Who Loves Me
Directed by:Lee Jae-jin
Written by:Lee Ji-min
Starring:Yoo In-na, Eric Mun, Im Joo-hwan
Extended Cast:Lee Hoo-woo, Park So-jin, Bae In-hyuk, Lee Jong-won, Cha Joo-young, Jeon Seung-bin, Kim Tae-woo, Jung Suk-yong,
Original network:MBC
Original release:21 October 2020
No. of episodes:16
Running Time:70 minutes