Romantic Comedy

Cunning Single Lady

Na Ae Ra (Lee Min-jung) meets and falls in love with Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-wook) and they decide to get married.  After four years, with him losing all of their money through a number of his businesses failing, and her forced to work multiple jobs to pay off the debt, they decide to get divorced.  

A few years later, they meet again and during that time he has become fabulously wealthy and famous, while she is still stuck with the debt he accrued during their marriage.  Ae-ra decides to seduce him for revenge.

Also Known As: Sly and Single Again, Devious Divorcee
Directed by: Go Dong-sun, Jung Dae-yoon
Written by: Lee Ha-na, Choi Soo-young
Starring: Lee Min-jung, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Gyu-ri, Seo Kang-joon
Extended Cast: L, Hwang Bo-ra, Lee Byung-joon, Choi Cheol-ho, Im Ji-eun, Yooyoung, Kim Jae-hwa, Kim Yong-he, Kim Eung-soo, Kwon Ki-sun, Kim Ye-ryeong, Kim Ho-young, Byun Eun-young, In Gyo-jin, Lee Jung-eun, Wang Bit-na, Oh Na-mi, Kim Sung-kyun, Ricky Kim, Choi Eun-kyung, Yeom Dong-heon, Yang Hee-kyung, Lee Jong-soo, Alice, Nara, Kim Da-hyun, Lee Han-wi, Choi Kyu-hwan, Jung Dong-kyu
Original network: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release: 27 February 2014 – 24 April 2014
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 55 minutes
Executive producer(s): Go Dong-sun, Na Byung-joon, Shin In-soo
Producer(s): Kim Ho-ryong, So Jae-hyun
Production Company(s): Fantagio, IOK Media
Distributor: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation