Legal / Thriller

Lawless Lawyer

Lawless Lawyer follows Bong Sang-pil (Lee Joon-gi), a gangster-turned-lawyer who operates on the fringes (and very much in the grey) on his quest to avenge the death of his mother, while employing the full extent of the law.

Also Known As: Lawless Attorney
Directed by: Kim Jin-min
Written by: Yoon Hyun-ho
Starring: Lee Joon-gi, Seo Ye-ji, Lee Hye-young, Choi Min-soo
Extended Cast: Kim Byung-hee, Lim Ki-hong, Seo Ye-hwa, Yeon Hye-ran, Cha Jung-won, Jeon Jin-gi, Choi Dae-hoon, Lee Dae-yeon, Shin Eun-jung, Ahn Nae-sang, Lee Han-wi, Baek Joo-hee, Jung Young-hoon, Lee Bok-gi, Kim Ki-hyun, Jang Yul, Kim Dong-gyu, Kim Chang-hee, Yoon Joon-ho, Kim Min-geon, Park Shin-woon, Park Sung-gyun, Son Min-ji, Jeon Bae-soo, Lee Ho-cheol, Jin Seon-gyu, Kim Kwang-kyu, Jeon Gook-hwan
Original network: tvN
Original release: 12 May 2018 – 1 July 2018
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 60 mins
Executive producer(s): Lee Jang-soo, Choi Tae-young
Production Company(s): Logos Film
Distributor: tvN