romantic comedy

Let's Eat

Four single people, paralegal Lee Soo-kyung (Lee Soo-kyung), foodie Goo Dae-young (Yoon Doo-joon), student Yoon Ji-yi (Yoon So-hee) and lawyer Kim Hak-moon (Shim Hyung-tak) who share a love of food come together to eat out at different restaurants.  As they grow closer they soon start sharing much more than just their love of good food.

Directed by: Park Joon-hwaIm, Se-bin, Im Young-jin, Kim Bo-yeon, Seo Min-jung, Kim Gye-young, Park Min-hyun, Choi Min-sun, Kim Se-hee
Written by: Im Soo-mi, Jun Ji-hyun, Jo Yoon-kyung, Kim Hyo-shin, Lee Ye-rim
Starring: Lee Soo-kyung, Yoon Doo-joon, Shim Hyung-tak, Yoon So-hee
Extended Cast: Lee Do-yeon, Jang Won-young, Jung Soo-young, Hong Eun-taek, Oh Kwang-suk, Choi Dae-sung, Jung Tae-sung, Park Young-seo, Lee Yong-nyeo, Lee Sang-woo, Nam Nunb-mi, Kang Ye-bin, Heo Gu-yeon, Choi Phillip, Lee Yong-joo, Lee Yoon-mi, Nam Chang-hee, Sam Hammington, Kim San-ho, Choi Sung-joon, Jung Eun-pyo, Jung Kyung-ho, Lee Il-hwa, Uhm Hyun-kyung, Kim Hyun-sook, Ra Mi-ran
Original network: tvN
Original release: 28 November 2013 – 13 March 2014
No. of episodes: 16
Production Company(s): CJ E&M