Romantic Comedy

Into the Ring

Into the Ring follows diligent and unlikable long-term public servant Seo Kong-myung (Park Sung Hoon) who consistently follows the rules, as he gets tangled up with a dedicated rule-breaker Koo Se-ra (Nana) who enjoys filing complaints and being a constant source of irritation to him.

Also Known As:The Ballot, Memorial
Directed by:Hwang Seung-ki
Written by:Moon Hyun-Kyeong
Starring:Park Sung Hoon, Nana
Extended Cast:Yoo Da-in, Oh Dong-min, Han Joon-woo, Bae Hae-sun, Ahn Nae-sang, Han Dong-kyu, Shin Do-hyun, Jang Hye-jin, Ahn Kil-kang
Original network:KBS2
Original release:1 July 2020
No. of episodes:16
Production Company(s):Celltrion Entertainment, Frame Media