drama / romance

My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh

Smart and successful production director Han Seung-joo (Uee) decides to take drastic action to further her career by entering into a marriage contract with Oh Jak-doo (Kim Kang-woo).

Also Known As: My Husband, Mr.Oh!
Directed by: Baek Ho-min
Written by: Yoo Yoon-kyung
Starring: Kim Kang-woo, Uee, Jung Sang-hoon, Han Sun-hwa
Extended Cast: Han Sang-jin, Park Jung-soo, Seol Jung-hwan, Park Min-ji, Jung Chan, Jung Soo-young, Kim Bo-mi, Oh Mi-yeon, Park Hye-jin, Bang Eun-hee, Choi Sung-jae
Original network: MBC TV
Original release: 3 March 2018 –19 May 2018
No. of episodes: 24[a]
Running Time: 70 minutes[a]
Executive producer(s): Kim Hee-yeol, Jun San
Production Company(s): Pan Entertainment
Distributor: MBC
Source: MBC