Historical / Romance / Action

My Country: The New Age

Set in between the fall of the Goryeo era and the rise of the Joseon dynasty, My Country depicts the ongoing battle that wages between two friends, Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) and Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan) who have fallen out over their differences in opinion about their country and taking care of the people they love.

Beautifully constructed and expertly delivered through a superb cast including Jang Hyuk in his role as Yi Bang-won, who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.  

Directed by: Kim Jin-won
Written by: Chae Seung-dae
Starring: Yang Se-jong, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Seol-hyun, Jang Hyuk
Extended Cast: Kim Yeong-cheol, Ahn Nae-sang, Park Ye-jin, Lee Hyun-kyun, Yu Oh-seong, Cho Yi-hyun, Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Yoo-joon, In Gyo-jin, Jang Young-nam, Jang Do-ha, Kim Seo-kyung, Kim Jae-young, Kim Dong-won
Original network: JTBC
Original release: October 2019
No. of episodes: 20
Running Time: 70 minutes
Executive producer(s): Oh Hwan-min
Production Company(s): Celltrion Entertainment
Distributor: JTBC
Source: JTBC