Historical / romance

Wind, Cloud and Rain

Based on the novel Wind, Clouds, and Rain by Lee Byung Joo. Wind, Clouds and Rain traces the life of face reader Choi Chun-joong (Park Shi-hoo) who rises up to become one of the most powerful men in Joseon who determined to stand by his principles and challenge the status quo.
He meets Hwang Bong-ryun (Go Sung-hee) and they decide together to create an ideal world.

Also Known As: Kingmaker, The Change of Destiny
Directed by: Yoon Sang-ho
Written by: Bang Ji-young
Starring: Park Shi-woo, Go Sung-hee, Sung Hyuk, Jun Hwang-ryul
Extended Cast: Choi Jae-hyun, Kim Soo-jin, Kim Seung-soo, Yang Dae-hyuk, Park Sung-joon, Gong Min-jung, Shin Woo-kyum
Original network: CSTV
Original release: 17 May 2020
No. of episodes: 24
Source: CSTV