Reflection of You

Based on the acclaimed novel Someone Who Looks Like You by Jung So-hyeon, psychological thriller Reflection of You follows two former friends – Ahn Hyeon-seong (Cho Won-young) and Jeong Hee-joo. 

Hyeon-seong is married to successful hospital director Ahn Hyeon-seong (Choi Won-young) with two children and has the seemingly perfect life, but when an incident occurs at school involving her daughter and her substitute art teacher Gu Hae-won (Shin Hyun-been) everything starts to unravel – especially when she discovers Hae-won to be none other than her estranged best friend Hee-joo, who is hellbent on revenge.  

Also Known As: Someone Who Looks Like You
Directed by: Lim Hyeon-wook
Written by: Yoo Bo-ra
Starring: Go Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, Kim Jae-young, Choi Won-young
Extended Cast: Kim Su-an, Park Seong-yeon, Kim Ho-jung, Kim Sang-ho, Shin Hye-ji, Seo Jeong-yeon, Hong Seo-joon, Seo Jin-won, Jang Jo-ah
Original network: JTBC
Original release: 13 October 2021
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 70 minutes
Production Company(s): JTBC Studios, Celltrion Entertainment
Distributor: JTBC
Source: JTBC