Romantic Comedy

Romance Zero

After being demoted in a match-making company, Kim Woo-jin (Lee Tae-sung) is forced to lead ‘Team Zero’ – a group of employees who have never successfully made a match. 

Also Known As: Full Romance, Zero Flawed Task Force, Haja Squad Zero
Directed by: Noh Jong-chan
Written by: Kim Eun-yong
Starring: Lee Tae-sung, Kangin, Lee Da-in, Kim Hee-won, Jay Kim, Lee Kyung-eun
Extended Cast: Yang Bae-chu, Park Hee-jin, Kim Jung-do, Goo Yoon-ho, Kang Yoo-jin, Lee Hyung-sik
Original network: MBC Dramanet
Original release: 14 February 2009 – 23 May 2009
No. of episodes: 16
Source: MBC