Family / melodrama

Royal Family

Royal Family takes you behind the closed doors of a wealthy and powerful chaebol family and the dirty tactics they employ to make Kim In-sook’s (Yum Jung-ah) life a misery following her marriage to their son.

Directed by: Kim Do-hoon
Written by: Kim Young-hyun, Kwon Eun-mi, Park Sang-yeon
Starring: Yum Jung-ah, Ji Sung, Kim Young-ae
Extended Cast: Cha Ye-ryun, Jeon No-min, Jeon Mi-seon, Seo Yoo-jung, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Young-pil, Kim Jung-hak, Dokgo Young-jae, Shin Dongho, Ki Tae-young, Lee Ki-young, Jo Sang-ki, Ryu Dam, Kim Hye-ok, Lee Chae-young, Ha Yeon-joo, Choi Yoon-so, Jeon Soo-kyun, Min Joon-hyun, Kim Hyun-seok, Kim Yoo-ri, Peter Holman, Lee Da-hee
Original network: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release: 2 March 2011 – 28 April 2011
No. of episodes: 18
Producer(s): Han Hee
Production Company(s): Future 1CJ Media
Source: MBC