melodrama / romance

Ruby Ring

Sibling rivalry reaches new heights when a car accident provides Runa (Im Jung-eun) with the perfect opportunity to assume her twin sister Ruby’s (Lee So-yeon) identity.

Also Known As: Ruby's Ring
Directed by: Jeon San
Written by: Hwang Soon-young
Starring: Lee So-yeon, Im Jung-eun, Kim Suk-hoon, Park Gwang-hyun
Extended Cast: Jung Ae-ri, Byun Jung-soo, Jung Dong-hwan, Kim Seo-ra, Kim Ga-yeon, Kim Young-ok, Ha Joo-hee, Lee Hyo-young, Kim Gyeo-wool, Lee Hyun-woo, Park Jin-joo, Han Kyung-sun, Bae Jung-ah
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 19 August 2013 – 3 January 2014
No. of episodes: 93
Running Time: 35 minutes
Executive producer(s): Lee Jae-sang
Production Company(s): Jidam Inc. (formerly Yein E&M)
Source: KBS