fantasy / comedy

Salamander Guru and The Shadows

Genius hacker Min-hyuk (Choi Min-ho) returns to Korea after being adopted in his youth, determined to unlock the mystery behind ‘X’ – the person behind his father’s demise.  He comes into contact with the Salamander Guru fortune tellers, Beom-gyu (Lee Byung-joon), Seon-dal (Oh Dal-su) and Won-sam (Im Won-hee) who make use his excellent skills to get more clients.

Also Known As: Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team Salamander Guru and the Gang
Directed by: Park Seung-min
Starring: Choi Min-ho, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Im Won-hee, Lee Byung-joon, Oh Dal-su, Kim Gyu-sun, Yoon Sang-ho
Extended Cast: Son Hoyoung, Ahn Suk-hwan, Dynamic Duo, Kim Tae-yeon, L, Yong Jun-hyung, Hwang Kwanghee, Lee Tae-min, Son Na-eun, G NA, Jun Hyoseong, Leeteuk, Key, Lee Jooyeon, Alex Chu, Lee Hyun-woo, IU, Tiger JK, Lee Se-eun, Han Seung-yeon, Kim Eun-jung, Im Soo-hyang, GO, Han Ji-hoo
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 27 January 2012 – 30 March 2012
No. of episodes: 10
Production Company(s): Chorokbaem Media
Source: SBS