romantic comedy

Single-minded Dandelion

Single-minded Dandelion follows the life and times of two sisters who work at a flour mill.

Also Known As: Abiding Love Dandelion, One Way Dandelion, Single-minded Min Deul-re
Directed by: Shin Chang-seok
Written by: Lee Hae-jung, Yeom Il-ho
Starring: Kim Ga-eun, Hong In-young, Yoon Sun-woo, Jeon Seung-bin
Extended Cast: Kim Ha-kyun, Joo Min-ha, Choi Cheol-ho, Shin Eun-jung, Lee Jin-woo, Noh Young-hak, Kim Jin-seo, Choi Jae-sung, Choi Ji-na, Lee Eun-hyung, Tang Joon-sang, Kim Ye-ryeong, Yeon Je-wook, Kim Tae-yong, Lee Ah-yi, Jung Chan-bi, Choi Wan-jung, Do Min-hyuk, Jo Hyun-do, Lee Chae-yoon, Jang Dae-woong, Choi Soo-rin, Park Jae-woong, Jang Tae-sung, Lee Myung-ho
Original network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original release: 25 August 2014  – 27 February 2015
No. of episodes: 134
Running Time: 40 minutes
Executive producer(s): Kim Sung-geun
Producer(s): Choi Yoon-seok
Source: KBS