Horror / fantasy


When high school student Ha-na’s (Lee Ju-eun) sister Doo-na (Park Ji-yeon) dies in a fire, her soul merges with her sisters, giving her special powers and strength.  When profiler Shin Ryu (Lee Seo-jin) discovers her powers, he decides to use them to seek justice for people that have wronged him.

Also Known As: Hon, Possessed
Directed by: Kim Sang-ho, Kang Dae-sun
Written by: In Eun-ah, Go Eun-nim, Park Young-sook
Starring: Lee Seo-jin, Lim Ju-eun
Extended Cast: Ahn Seo-hyun, Park Ji-yeon, Kim Ji-won, Park Gun-il, Lee Jin, Jeon Boram, Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Kap-soo, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Kyu-han, Chu Hun-yub, Nam Da-reum, Jung Da-sol, Kwak Min-suk, Kim Kwang-kyu, Choi Soo-eun, Kwon Hyun-sang, Noh Seung-jin, Jo Han-chul, Lee Soon-sung, Tae Hwang, Choi Bum-ho
Original network: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release: 5 August 2009 –3 September 2009
No. of episodes: 10
Source: MBC